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France have bounced back after a disappointing Euro 2020, and lift their second trophy under Deschamps after winning the 2018 World Cup. Though Spain dominated throughout, in the end, they couldn’t turn it back around to win their first silverware under Luis Enrique. 

FRANCE WIN THE NATIONS LEAGUE! Just like in the semi-final, they had to come from behind, and they beat Spain 2-1. The game started slowly, but it came to life after the hour mark, with Hernandez thumping an effort off the bottom of the crossbar before Spain went up the other end where Oyarzabal slotted past Lloris. They were ahead for just under two minutes when Benzema curled a brilliant effort into the top corner. Mbappe rounded off the win after another counter-attack, but Lloris made two very important late saves to make sure they would lift the trophy.


90′ + 4′ GREAT SAVE! Simon is up for the corner and Spain are going for it in the final minutes. The cross is over everyone in the middle, but Pino is unmarked on the far side and hits it on the volley. Lloris sees it late but makes a brilliant reaction save to deny him.

90′ + 2′ France are making a late change as Deschamps brings on Veretout for Griezmann.

90′ + 1′ Into six minutes of added time here and Spain are desperately throwing everyone forward in search of an equaliser. They bundle it into the box, with Merino picking out Fornals, but his low shot is blocked by Kimpembe.

89′ It’s a late tackle from Mbappe on Pino and he’s shown a yellow card.

88′ GOOD SAVE! Alonso curls a cross into the middle of the box from the left and Pino lets it drop over his shoulder before volleying a low effort on goal. He hits it sweetly, but Lloris gets down quickly to push it away from the bottom corner.

Aymeric Laporte

Yellow Card

86′ It’s a great run from Dubois as he pulls away from two Spanish defenders before cutting in from the right. Laporte sticks out a leg to stop him from getting into the box and is shown a yellow card for it. 

84′ Rodri is also taken off, with Fornals on in his place.

Mikel Merino

Ferran Torres

84′ Double change for Spain now as Torres is taken off and replaced by Merino.

82′ Spain really aren’t happy with the decision for the goal to stand and there’s a crowd of players around the referee asking about the decision. They’re told to get back into position, but their frustration is clear.

80′ It originally looked like Hernandez held onto the ball too long, but it was a good throughball into Mbappe to set him up for the goal.

80′ MBAPPE SCORES! Hernandez gets away from Azpilicueta to slide the ball through to Mbappe, and he’s through on goal. Simon rushes off his line to close down the angle on the left of the box, but he drills a low shot under the keeper and into the back of the net. Spain are protesting that he was offside, but VAR have a look at it and the goal stands! 2-1 France! 

79′ Second change for France now, and it’s a frustrated Pavard that’s going off for Dubois.

77′ Simon hooks a long clearance upfield and Koke flicks a header onto Pino through the middle. He does well to hold off Kounde before switching it out to Torres on the right, but his cross is blocked at the near post.

75′ Second change for Spain now and it’s Gavi that’s making way for Koke.

74′ Rodri turns away from Tchouameni just outside the box and the space just opens up ahead of him. He has a go from distance, drilling a low shot on goal, but Kimpembe slides in just in time to deflect it over the bar.

72′ None of the Spanish defenders spot Mbappe, who is just hovering near the penalty spot, and Benzema picks him out with a throughball. Mbappe hits the shot first time, but can’t get any power behind it, and it’s a comfortable save for Simon.

70′ Spain just can’t get on the ball at the moment and France are building up their momentum. Griezmann drifts out to the left and swings a great cross into the box for Pogba, but his header is straight at Simon.

68′ The game has completely come to life and France are trying to take the lead as they break quickly again. Mbappe is a long way out when he spots Simon on his line, but tries to catch him out with an audacious chip that lands on the roof of the net.

66′ Mbappe has struggled to get into the game for large parts of it, but he picks out a good ball to Benzema this time to set up the goal.

66′ BENZEMA EQUALISES! And what a goal it was! Mbappe threads the ball into him, and he cuts into the box from the left, wrongfooting Azpilicueta to get to the edge of the area. He has a quick glance at Simon, who is well off his line, before curling a wonderful shot high over the keeper and into the far-top corner. 1-1! 

64′ Busquets plays a perfectly weighted pass through the small gap between the French defenders to pick out Oyarzabal’s run.

64′ OYARZABAL SCORES! Just seconds after Spain could’ve gone behind, they’ve broken the deadlock! It’s a great throughball from Busquets to Oyarzabal, who times his run perfectly. He gets ahead of his defender to slot a low shot across goal and into the far side of the net. 1-0 Spain! 

64′ OFF THE BAR! It’s another great break from France, with Pogba sweeping the ball out to Benzema on the left. He squares it to Hernandez, and his powerful shot bounces off the bottom of the crossbar and back out into the box.

63′ Only one of the previous 35 games between Spain and France have ended goalless.

Yeremi Pino

Pablo Sarabia

61′ Spain are making their first change of the game now and it’s Sarabia that’s going off for Pino.

59′ Spain are knocking the ball around quickly just inside France’s half, but they’re still struggling to get it into the final third. Sarabia has so much space ahead of him on the left, but he dawdles on it, giving France the chance to get back into their shape.

57′ There are loud shouts from the Spain fans after Gavi is knocked to ground by Tchouameni. It looks like he trips over the ball before the player though and the referee waves the claims away.

55′ It’s a late tackle from Kounde as he slides in on Busquets, and he gets nowhere near the ball which results in a booking.

54′ BLOCK! A heavy cross from Sarabia ends Spain’s attack and France break quickly on the counter. It’s a great run from Benzema through the middle and he tries to slide it through to Mbappe, but Alonso slides in to make an important block to stop him from getting in on goal.

52′ France are still struggling to get out of their own half here and it’s Alonso that nicks the ball back off Mbappe on the halfway line. He threads it into Sarabia, who wins a free-kick when he’s fouled by Kounde, but it comes to nothing.

50′ Pogba drops deep to help his defence get out of trouble, but he’s got no one making a run ahead of him. He holds off Rodri and eventually wins a free-kick, but he makes his frustration clear with his team-mates as soon as the whistle goes.

48′ Azpilicueta slides in Torres down the right and he has acres of space to run into. He has Sarabia and Oyarzabal ahead of him in the box, but his final pass is poor, and it rolls straight back to Lloris.

46′ Busquets cleared the ball and Pogba couldn’t stop his run in time and steps on the Spanish captain’s foot. He’s shown the first yellow card of the game.

46′ France get us back underway for the second half! 

Spain have dominated possession so far, but don’t have much to show for it in terms of attempts and have barely troubled Lloris. As for France, after a bright opening few minutes, they’ve struggled to get into the game and haven’t tested Simon and Deschamps will be hoping for a similar second half to the one he saw against Belgium.

It’s goalless at the break between Spain and France. It’s been a match of very few chances so far, with Spain managing the only shot on target when Sarabia scuffed an effort straight at Lloris. Benzema saw a shot blocked at the other end before Alonso curled a free-kick just wide of the near post. France also saw Varane forced off late in the half with an injury.

45′ + 3′ HALF-TIME: SPAIN 0-0 FRANCE. 

45′ + 2′ Busquets makes another good interception in midfield and tries to set Oyarzabal on a quick counter. He drives forward through the middle, but Upamecano and Kounde react quickly to crowd him off it. 

45′ Spain are still looking to Torres down the right to make something happen for them, but he has two defenders tight to him this time. He tries to squeeze a cross between them, but it’s blocked on the edge of the box. 

43′ Varane does make his way straight off the pitch, and it’s Upamecano that’s coming on to replace him.

41′ Varane has gone down off the ball and it looks like he hurt himself making a clearance earlier. The medical team are on to give him some treatment, and it looks like he’ll be coming off as Deschamps has a substitute getting ready on the sideline.

40′ It’s better from France now as Griezmann drops deep in his own half to win the ball back. He touches it into Pogba before continuing his run into the box. The midfielder lifts it over the top towards him, but it’s straight into Simon’s gloves.

38′ Spain are still dominating possession here and Azpilicueta looks to Torres down the right again. He holds off Hernandez initially, but the defender doesn’t give it up and manages to win a goal-kick due to his persistence. 

36′ CLOSE! Tchouameni slides in on the back of Torres and Spain are awarded a free-kick in a good position through the middle. Alonso is standing over it, and he curls his effort around Griezmann towards the bottom-right corner, but it’s just wide.

34′ It’s a lovely switch of play from Laporte deep in his own half upfield to Torres on the right and he cuts inside. France aren’t giving him any space though and he can’t pick out Alonso on the opposite flank with his cross. 

32′ VAR is just having a look at a potential penalty for Spain for a handball from Kounde during an earlier attack. Rodri curled a cross in, but it was behind the defender and hit his trailing arm, which was at his side. It’s only a quick check, and no spot-kick will be given.

30′ France almost play themselves into trouble after playing out from the back, with Alonso setting Spain on the counter again. They get away with it though as Rodri sends a wayward header straight into Tchouameni’s feet.

28′ Rodri pokes the ball through to Sarabia on the left and he pulls away from Pavard to whip a low cross towards the near post. Oyarzabal wasn’t on the same wavelength, making a late run to the far side, and Varane intercepts it. 

26′ Benzema plays a one-two with Griezmann on the left of the box to open up a pocket of space, but his curling shot is well-blocked by Garcia. Varane tries to keep the attack alive but brings down Oyarzabal in his attempts to win the ball.

24′ France are just struggling to get out of their own half at the moment and are being frustrated by Spain’s high press. They switch it out to Kounde on the right, who tries to slide it into Pavard, but Alonso is there to break it up.

22′ Rodri was late as he stepped across Tchouameni, and the Frenchman has stayed down holding his knee. He’s quickly back to his feet after treatment, and though he’s moving gingerly, it looks like he’ll be able to carry on.

20′ It’s Spain’s turn to dominate now, but they’re struggling to find a way in behind France as they patiently push upfield. Azpilicueta is allowed to carry the ball a long way, but can’t pick out a forward pass as all his team-mates keep drifting offside. 

18′ Gavi spins away from Pogba before driving down the middle and then switches it out to Torres. He takes too long to get a cross in, so picks out the youngster, who gets away from Kimpembe this time, but can’t pick out Oyarzabal with his low pass.

16′ Gavi’s run opens up the space for Torres on the right and he has three to aim for in the box. It’s a poor cross from him though as he drags it towards the far post and Kimpembe hooks it clear. 

14′ It’s a poor pass out from Simon as he gifts the ball straight to Hernandez and he sets off on the counter. Spain are alert to the danger though and manage to crowd him off the ball.

12′ Torres is starting to cause some problems down Spain’s right-hand side and he puts a great throughball into the box which Sarabia latches onto after getting between the defenders. He scuffs the shot though and it’s a comfortable one for Lloris. 

10′ Spain don’t deal with the corner into the box and it goes back out to Pavard on the right. He loops a deep cross towards the far post where Benzema is waiting, but Simon does just enough to put him off.

8′ France are upping the pressure again, with Pogba starting the move through the middle before Benzema touches it onto Griezmann, who plays in Pavard on the right. He whips in a first-time cross, but it’s blocked by Laporte. 

6′ Pogba threads a brilliant throughball into Benzema’s feet, and Spain are asking for an offside flag that never comes. The forward takes it around Simon before trying to pull it back for Mbappe, but Azpilicueta steps in front of him to intercept it.

4′ It’s swept out to Pavard on the right for France and he touches it into Mbappe on the edge of the box. He has Laporte tight to him though and he can’t open up any space for a shot. 

2′ Spain aren’t giving France any time on the ball and when they do win it back, they’re trying to move it upfield quickly. Azpilicueta sells Gavi short with a pass and he takes out Pogba in his attempts to keep hold of it.

1′ Oyarzabal gets the Nations League final underway for Spain!

The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!

France have won just one of their last seven meetings against Spain (D1 L5) which came in an international friendly in September 2014 when they won 1-0 – they’ve failed to score in five games in that run.

Didier Deschamps makes two changes from the semi-final against Belgium. Tchouameni starts after impressing in his substitute role on Thursday, with Kimpembe also being brought in. Lucas Hernandez drops to the bench, while Adrien Rabiot misses out after testing positive for coronavirus. Griezmann also earns his 100th cap for France.

Luis Enrique makes just one change to the side that beat Italy, with Rodri coming in to replace Koke, who starts on the bench. Ferran Torres has shaken off the knock that forced him off in that game to start today.

FRANCE SUBS: Anthony Martial, Benoit Costil, Jordan Veretout, Lucas Hernandez, Wissam Ben Yedder, Moussa Diaby, Leo Dubois, Matteo Guendouzi, Mike Maignan, Dayot Upamecano.

FRANCE STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Hugo Lloris; Jules Kounde, Raphael Varane, Presnel Kimpembe; Benjamin Pavard, Paul Pogba, Aurelien Tchouameni, Theo Hernandez; Antoine Griezmann; Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe.

SPAIN SUBS: David de Gea, Pau Torres, Sergio Reguillon, Mikel Merino, Pedro Porro, Sergi Roberto, Koke, Bryan Gil, Robert Sanchez, Inigo Martinez, Pablo Fornals, Yeremi Pino.

SPAIN STARTING XI (4-3-3): Unai Simon; Cesar Azpilicueta, Eric Garcia, Aymeric Laporte, Marcos Alonso; Pablo Gaviria, Sergio Busquets, Rodrigo; Ferran Torres, Pablo Sarabia, Mikel Oyarzabal.

Spain are looking to win their first trophy since success at Euro 2012 as well as their first piece of silverware under Luis Enrique. They held on to beat 10-man Italy 2-1 last time out, ending the European champions’ record 37-match unbeaten run across all competitions. As for France, there was late drama in their game against Belgium as they came from 2-0 down at half-time to win 3-2 thanks to a brilliant comeback which Theo Hernandez rounded off with a 90th-minute winner. The World Champions are looking to bounce back from a disappointing summer at the Euros by lifting the trophy today.

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