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The focus of the Italian national team is being devoted to the final match against the English national team at Wembley Stadium, Sunday (11/7/2021). In the midst of preparations for an important match, Roberto Mancini’s fleet was plagued by problems. Based on the test results on Friday (9/7/2021), three members of the Gli Azzurri media team tested positive for COVID-19.

They are suspected of contracting the virus while covering the semi-final match between Italy and Spain in London. Neither player nor coach has tested positive. But still the news brought panic into the body of the Italian squad.

“This is not an ideal preparation for the team and we can confirm that none of the players are infected, but we don’t want to take any risks and tests will be carried out,” said a source from the Italian football federation.

“The chances of getting infected from other teams are very small, but we want to be sure.”

“It means the training session with the media presence in the stands has been canceled and we have to rearrange the schedule,” he added.

The number of positive cases of the corona virus in London is still relatively high. According to a recent report from London.gov.uk, 786,671 people in Queen Elizabeth II’s capital have been diagnosed with COVID-19. On 8 July 2021, hospitals across London received 411 coronavirus patients. This number is an increase compared to patient admissions on July 1, 2021 (329 people).