As it happened: Premier League sides confirm Super League exit plans

  • Manchester City, United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham announce withdrawals
  • Florentino Pérez still confident the Super League will continue
  • Woodward leaving his role at Manchester United

All times CET


01:51 – Chelsea have finally released their official statement.

00:07 – For those wondering about no confirmation yet from Chelsea, the Telegraph state that it is in the works.

23:55 – Incredible! All of the Premier League clubs have now confirmed their intent to pull out aside from Chelsea (although multiple media reports indicate a statement will follow).

For those who may have missed it, Manchester City already announced their plans to exit, becoming the first club to do so.

23:45 – Florentino Pérez will not appear to be interviewed on El Larguero as expected.

22:58 – The FA have welcomed the news coming out of the Etihad Stadium tonight.

22:24 – The biggest development yet! Manchester City confirm that they are withdrawing from the European Super League.

22:04 – Liverpool have now lost a sponsor over their involvement but their players have made sure their voices are heard.

21:20 – Hold your horses! Despite more reports circulating, Juventus have told The Athletic that Andrea Agnelli has NOT resigned.

21:15 – It’s all happening! According to various sources, Ed Woodward will leave his role as executive vice chairman of Manchester United at the end of 2021.

20:15 – And another! Manchester City are set to follow Chelsea in withdrawing from the Super League, following significant fan backlash and uncertainty within the club.

20:00 – The first of many? According to widespread reports, Chelsea are planning to withdraw from the Super League.

19:20 – Another great banner from the Chelsea fans here, longing for those cold nights in Stoke.

18:38 – After Leeds led the way last night, other clubs will follow with their warm-up protests in the Premier League.

18:35 – Chelsea fans making their thoughts known at Stamford Bridge.

17:14 – A court in Spain’s capital is working early to prevent anyone putting the blockers on the project.

16:55 – A UEFA counter-offer? Talks that a new Champions League could be launched are gathering pace.

16:46 – According to some reports, Arsenal players have still not heard anything from the club.

16:00 – Now that’s a strong statement.

“FC Bayern says no to the Super League.”

15:40 – According to Sky Sports, the 14 Premier League clubs are happy for the six breakaway teams to stay in the Premier League but will not welcome back particular individuals involved in the Super League plot again.

15:16 – The Premier League have released a statement.

“The 14 clubs at the meeting unanimously and vigorously rejected the plans for the competition.

“The Premier League is considering all actions available to prevent it from progressing, as well as holding those Shareholders involved to account under its rules.

“The reaction proves just how much our open pyramid and football community means to people.”

15:14 – Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford  has now taken to social media.

15:01 – And Jordan Henderson has now called for an emergency meeting of Premier League players, report the Daily Mail.

14:47 – Pep Guardiola has now had his say in his press conference.

“Why Ajax Amsterdam is not there with four Champions Leagues? They have to tell all of us.”

14:31 – A lot of conflicting information right now, but The Independent’s Miguel Delaney believes that the Super League is still backed by all its members.

13:58 – It seems even the British Government is determined to stop the ‘Big Six’ from forming the Super League. Astonishing stuff.

13:37 – Bill Shankly’s grandson has reportedly asked for the legendary Liverpool manager’s statue to be removed from Anfield.

13:22 – The claims that one of the six Premier League clubs is having doubts is growing louder, with the Times claiming there are now emergency meetings being held by the club in question.

13:14 – Boris Johnson is once again insisting the British government is exploring how to prevent a Super League.

12:59 – Barcelona fans have now shown their disapproval with a banner outside Camp Nou.

12:58 – Or maybe not? There are mixed reports about whether or not the English clubs are steadfast in their Super League commitment.

12:45 – This could be massive. The Guardian report that Chelsea and Manchester City are “wavering” about joining the Super League.

12:32 – It looks like the Champions League semi-finals will go ahead as planned next week, according to ESP.

11:48 – And Kaveh Solhekol at Sky Sports is suggesting there could be a U-turn from at least one of the breakaway clubs.

11:37 – Wolves have made their stance clear.

11:27 – And UEFA supremo Aleksander Ceferin has spoken once again.

“To the English clubs, come to your senses. Not out of love for football, I don’t imagine you have much of that, but out of respect for the people who bleed for the team, out of respect for the home of football.

“UEFA competitions needs Atalanta, Celtic, Rangers, Dinamo Zagreb and Galatasaray. People to know everyone has a chance. We need to keep the dream alive. Big clubs now were not necessarily big clubs in past and no guarantee there will be big in future.”

11:22 – According to Corriere dello Sport, Napoli have now been contacted to join the Super League.

10:42 – And now FIFA president Gianni Infantino has weighed in:

“We can only and strongly disapprove of a Super League which is a closed shop, breakaway from current institutions. No doubt whatsoever of FIFA’s disapproval. Full support to UEFA.

“It is my task and our task to protect the European sports model, club competitions, national teams.

“If they choose to go their own way, they must live with their choice. They are either in or out. They cannot be half in and half out.”

10:30 – A very strong Everton statement this morning has condemned the move.

10:18 – Real Madrid president and Super League chairman to be Florentino Pérez spoke last night, insisting that clubs will not be removed from domestic leagues, the 12 clubs are contractually obliged to proceed with the Super League, and that they are “saving football” in the process.

10:12 – We’ve barely recovered from yesterday but we’re back at it again. What could possibly go wrong?